History Project Class 12 CBSE PDF & PPT Download

It is always a challenge to create project on history for your class 12th. India is known for its rich culture and history and you will find a long journey in Indian history. If you also want to create your school project on history, you will find various topics and you can choose any topic according to your choice. If you are searching for some good topics on Indian history, you can make your choice from following topics to create your class 12 CBSE project report:


Town planning and Artefacts of the Harappan Civilization

If you want to know about the first chapter of civilization, you will find it in the Harappan civilization of history. In this topic of Indian history, you will find the town planning of Harappan Civilization and it is really good as compared to modern towns. You will find complete information about the lifestyle of people and importance of artefacts in that civilization..History Projects for Class 12


Mahabharata through a Readers Eye

Mahabharat is one of the best parts of Indian history and it is followed as epic tradition that is transferred from one generation to other. It was one of the greatest cultures where you will find amazing facts about this epic story of Mahabharata.History Projects for Class 12.


Through the Travelers Eyes

India was explored by various travellers and they found it really amazing and interesting in culture and living style. In this chapter, you will find information about various Travellers who travelled to India in different time periods. They gathered amazing information on various topics about Indian culture and history. You can choose this topic as good option for your history project in class 12..History Projects for Class 12


Understanding the Bhakti-Sufi Movement in India

India is considered as the land of saints and you will find the spirit of Bhakti and Sufi in climate of India. If you want to get idea that how saints of India changed the thinking of society, you can choose this topic as your history project in class 12. You will find interesting stories about important role of saints in development of Indian culture and history. You can find Kabir’s dohas, Meerabai’s bhajans and many more Sufi saints in Indian history..History Projects for Class 12


Depiction of Life during Mughal period

Most of the students are familiar with Mughal empire in India and you can also use it as your history project topic for your class 12. You will find history about various Empires and Kings in period of Mughals. You will also find various war stories in Mughal period of Indian history.History Projects for Class 12.


Revolt of 1857 and Partition in 1947

In this time period, students will know about revolt of 1857 and partition of India in 1947. In this period, India was ruled by British empire and you will find stories of various freedom fighters in this period of Indian history who fight with British for freedom of India.History Projects for Class 12.


These are some of the best topics of Indian history that you can choose for your class 12 project.

History Project Class 12 CBSE PDF & PPT Download
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