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Are you searching for some good topics of history for your 8th class project? When it comes to finding some good topics for 8th class history project, you will find options to choose topics about Harappan civilization, information of Indian Saints, information about Mughal Empire, the revolt of 1857 and about freedom of India. You will also find detailed information about different Emperors, wars and about change of culture. You can pick some good topics for your history project from the topics given below:


Project on Harappan civilization

If you are looking for a good topic for your class 8 history project, you can start with information about Harappan civilization. It is considered as one of the primary periods of civilization in which you will find the topics about the lifestyle of people, planning of town and beautiful jewellery designs and artefacts.History Projects for Class 8


Project on Indian saints and Sufi saints

In Indian history, you will find the detailed information about various Sufi and Bhakti saints. India is a land of many famous and popular Saints in which you will find the famous names like Kabir, Mirabai, Tansen and many famous poets and musicians. They were very famous for their stories, music, poems, bhajans and Sufi music. You can start with introduction and description of Bhakti and Sufi tradition in your project. It is also a good topic for group discussion about your project.History Projects for Class 8.


Project about Mughal Empire

In the period of Mughal Empire, you will find many topics to include in your project. You can write about famous Emperors and their achievements. In this time period, you will also find many famous architectural designs and various popular historical places in India. Mughal Empire was also very famous for its art, culture and various battles among popular emperors..History Projects for Class 8


Project about freedom fight again British

In Indian history, you will find good topics about freedom fighters before freedom of India. You can include revolt of 1857 and anti-colonial Movement in India. You can also include various colonial cities like Kolkata, Bombay and Madras in it. You will find biography of many freedom fighters who participated in this fight against British Empire. After the freedom of India, you can also include partition in 1947. So it is a good topic in which you will find detailed information about this time period of Indian history..History Projects for Class 8


Project on wars and battles of Emperors

In your project, you can also choose the topic about wars and Battles of various emperors in India. You will find the complete information about many famous battles in period of Mughal Empire, British Empire and other time periods of Indian history. You can include the famous battles as well as biography of the famous emperor in your history project about this topic..History Projects for Class 8


So these are some of the good topics that you can use for your class 8 history project about Indian history.History Projects for Class 8.

History Projects Class 8 PDF & PPT Download
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