An Idea Towards Implementation-Poem By Munish Chhabra

An Idea Towards Implementation-Poem

Give some time to little Sam,
To think an idea to advance.
Putting stress towards the brain,
And with some reactions I originate.

With the lightning of bulb,
Came for the darkness to rub.
But depends from person to everybody,
How they’ll continue my story?

Live for maximum two seconds, at times,
And sometimes for a long span of time.
My life depends upon humans implementation,
Of what they think for substantiation.

My destination is implementation,
Expected with happiness or trepidation.
Obstructed by various objects,
Like prejudice,patience and failure of experiments.

Victorious is the man who extends me,
And I bring milk and honey to thee.
Sometimes bring inventions and discoveries,
To expand the knowledge of technology.

But sometimes, I feel repented to be born,
As I bring death closer to the human born.
Originate I from a violent mind’s sea,
And I bring destruction and devastation to thee.

On my path I meet my species,
Apart destination nothing pleases.
Unique ideas are preferred to all,
Which took hard work to call.

Clouded only with interest,
Nothing to influence like reputation and trust.
Filled with zeal moved forward,
Taking an oath never to descend.

And finally after such hard-fought voyage,
Either met with bullets or bright stars,
Either cursed or praised by all,
Eternity I attain above these all.

By Munish Chhabra

An Idea Towards Implementation-Poem By Munish Chhabra
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Posted by: Praktech on October 5, 2011

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