Story of Nature Poem By Munish Chhabra

Story of Nature

In the lap of surreal nature,
In spring there laid a fruitful tree,
With bells and whistles and acappella creature.
With spread green leaves and arms free.

Rivers flowed in milk and honey,
And mortals living in peace and unity,
Where joyfully lived together lion and bunny.
Humans were bighearted and in sanity.

Suddenly the world was covered with black clouds,
Our mother nature’s sorrow knew no bounds.
Trees were naked and was there a black spot on dove.
Prejudice,materialism and apprehension,
Suppress feelings like peace,unity and love.
Seas were dried and there was exploitation.

Then, one found the secret of suffering and sorrow,
Under ‘Bodh-Vriksha’-the tree of wisdom,
Enlightened Buddha spread the sermon morrow,
Spread the light of truth with none wasnt in doldrums.

Hence make your future green girls and boys.
And plant today,trees tomorrow as many !!!

By Munish Chhabra

Story of Nature Poem By Munish Chhabra
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Posted by: Praktech on October 5, 2011

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