Want to Live Those Days Back Poem

Want to Live Those Days Back

Once the almighty asked me,

Tell me dear whatever you want from me…..


I answered back,

Oh god! There’s only one thing that I lack,

I wanna live those old days back….

Those golden days of my childhood,

That I Spent under the wood….

The Company of that person,

Made my childhood of that person,

Made my childhood shine like the sun….

In his I can see the depth,

In which the love for me was kept….

He-the problem solver for me,

Me-the problem for him, you see….


Oh Almighty! I only need those awesome days back,

Days that today I lack….!!!


Almighty was surprised,

As if I asked for something unprescribed ….

With a lowered voice he replied,

It’s impossible for me to bring back days,

That had died.. !!

It’s against the laws of life

This is a painful truth like a knife…!!!

Suddenly my mom woke me up,

And I realized that it was just a dream…

I said to myself “oh dear”! Just wake up!!

It was just a dream!!


“Those days I wanna live again….

The Person whom I want again….

All had turned into bubbles,

Like stories & fables ….!!!


I am not sad that I can’t have those days back,

I’m happy that at least once I had the days

That today I lack…!!!

Happy that once there was someone

Who loved me a lot,

There was someone, my problems who



The fate gives pain to those,

Who can bear the pain of los…!!

I believe I’m the one,

Who can live without the once who had


Even though I’m brave,

But still I’ve a heart that craves…


“To live those awesome days back,

Days that today I lack….!!

Want to Live Those Days Back Poem
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Posted by: Jyotsna on September 22, 2013

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