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A multicellular animal with a body that lacks organization into tissues and organs
Body perforated by a complex system of internal canals through which flagellate cells  propel water; water typically enters body via pores (ostia) , and leaves via larger pores (oscula) ; feeds by filtering food from water within the canal system.
Body often supported by a skeleton of mineralized tiny pointed structures (spicules) or organic fibres.
They stink a lot.


Multicellular animal with a body plan comprising two primary layers separated by a layer of gelatinous material (mesoglea);
They live on the ocean floor.
They have tentacles.
They have a mouth.
Reproduces mostly by budding.
There is a body Cavity.
They are Driploblastic.
Most exhibit radial symmetry .
All are carnivorous.


The nematode body is also

Bilaterally symmetrical


A pseudocoelom is present.
These parasitic worms causing diseases    such as filarial worms causing elephantiasis.
Pinworms or Roundworms are present in the intestines.


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PowerPoint Presentation on Invertebrates(PPT File)
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