PPT Presentation on Computer Virus

Presentation on Computer Virus


Computer Virus Presenta
What are computer viruses?
Viruses are small programs
that hide themselves on your
disks (both diskettes and
your hard disk).
Unless you use virus
detection software the first
time that you know that you
have a virus is when it
Different viruses are
activated in different ways.How do viruses infect PCs?
Viruses hide on a disk and when you
access the disk (either a diskette or
another hard disk over a network) the
virus program will start and infect
your computer.
The worst thing about a computer
virus is that they can spread from one
computer to another, either via use of
infected floppy disk, or over a
computer network, including the
Internet.How to prevent virus damage ?
There are a number of third party antivirus
products available.
Most of these are better than the rather
rudimentary products available within
DOS and Windows, but of course you do
have to pay for them!
The main thing about your virus checker
is that it should be kept up to date.
Many companies supply updated disks on
a regular basis or allow you to receive
updates through an electronic, on-line
bulletin board.

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PPT Presentation on Computer Virus
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