Presentation on Uses of Computer ppt

PowerPoint Presentation on Uses of Computer

Uses of computer

PowerPoint Presentation on Uses of Computers


PC at Home

Common uses for the computer within the home
Computer games
Working from Home
Banking from Home
Connecting to the Web

Computers in Education
CBT (Computer Based Training)
Computer Based Training (CBT) offers a low cost
solution to training needs where you need to train
a large amount of people on a single subject.
These programs are normally supplied on CD-ROM
and combine text, graphics and sound.
Packages range from general encyclopaedias right
through to learning a foreign language.

Office Applications

Automated Production Systems
Many car factories are almost completely automated and the
cars are assembled by computer-controlled robots.
This automation is becoming increasingly common
throughout industry.

Design Systems
Many products are designed using CAD (Computer Aided
Design) programs to produce exact specifications and
detailed drawings on the computer before producing models
of new products.

Stock Control
Stock control is ideal for automation and in many companies
it is now completely computerized.
The stock control system keeps track of the number of items
in stock and can automatically order replacement items
when required.

Accounts / Payroll
In most large organizations the accounts are maintained by
a computerized system.
Due to the repetitive nature of accounts a computer system
is ideally suited to this task and accuracy is guaranteed

Computers in Daily Life
On-line banking
Smart ID cards
Working from home (Tele-working)


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Presentation on Uses of Computer ppt
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