FAQS- Posting Articles

Posting Articles

        1. From where to post articles to earn ?
          Just move your arrow towards the top left to the Admin Bar as in the below image. Hover the mouse over Dashboard,  then a menu will pop which contains New Post option from where you can post articles and earn.
          LvTgB FAQS 
        2. How to write an article ?
  • Basically this question requires an article to answer! But will discuss in short. In Previous question it is                                                     described where is the posting option .
        1. Choose the title that is the Heading of the Article example: “Facebook Cover Pictures For Timeline Profile ”
          dbfDW FAQS
          You can see the Title field in the above screenshot. Give the heading of your article in the above field.Tip: Try to make it informative & attractive in 60 Letters & Avoid Symbols.
        2. The Content of your Article:
          Gather the information about your article, make it easy looking, attractive & useful for the users.Tip: Select a topic which you think people are looking for mostly.[Trending].Insert an attractive Picture related the topic you select.[Using Photo-Sharing Sites like photobucket,flickr,imgur]It should consist of lot of text.
        3. Select the appropriate category from the list on the right side of the page as show below:
        4. BPzaW FAQS


  • Done ! Just Submit it for our moderators to review it:
    from the  below screenshot you can see where to click for submitting it for review!
    yMV1B FAQS
  • Want some Tips for better Article to get More Views ?
  •   Try to make the Heading/Title of the article more informative & attractive in 60 Letters & Avoid Symbols .
  • Select a topic which you think people are looking for mostly [Trending].
  • Insert an attractive Picture related to the topic.[Use Image Hosting sites like photobucket,flickr,imgur].
  • It should consist of lot of text.
  • If some sources are used the you have to mention it. Mentioning it won’t affect your earnings atoll.



In how many days my Article will be reviewed ?

In not more than two days.

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