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If u wanna know how much i miss u ,
Try to catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is how much u miss me,
And the other u miss is how much i miss.


As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
to be in ur arms, I can't wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & u'll see that it's true,
day & night my thoughts are of you!


Earth may stop rotating
Birds may stop flying
Candles may stop melting
Fishes may stop swimming
Heart may stop breathing

But I will never stop
Missing you my friend.


Look at sun and you see time.
Look in heart and you see love.
Look in eyes and you see life.
Look at your mobile and
you see who's thinking of u!
It's me.


Miss me
Hate me

both r in my favor,

If u miss me
I'll always b in ur heart,

If u hate me
I'll always b in ur mind


M: My lovely wife.
I: Is i am wrong in my sms?
S: Sex is not only thing in the life.
S: See, we have everything in our life you, me & our kids & good salaries and home also.

Y: You are everyting to me, my life my wife my jaan.
O: Our life is just a good enough for us. Alhumdullah.
U: U are the lucky one in my world… gave me our sweet family.



I miss you .
No, let me correct that,
I miss the old you.
I miss the old you that cared about me
And the old you that would treat me so well.
The old you that would talk to me every day and always have me smiling.
I miss the old you that made me happy
knew what to say at any given point in time.
I miss the old us.


Sweetest part in life is 2 carry all d memories in life.
Toughest part is 2 say good bye
to the person who is behind those memories!!!, ūüôĀ

Can u do something for me?
go to the window….look to the sky

can u see the stars?
can u count them ?
this is how much i miss u and even more !!!


You must be a good runner because you are always running in my mind,

You must be a good thief because you have stolen my heart,
and i am always a bad shooter because I miss you Always.

We fight. .!
We seprate. . !
And then we miss each other. .

Thats love ūüôā



I can go days without talking to you,
Months without seeing you,
But not a second goes by that
I don't think about you.
miss you !

look at the SUN
you c TIME..
look in the HEART
you c LOVE..
look in the EYES
you c LIFE..
look at ur MOBILE
c who's


Missing You. . .
Is Not The Hard Part !!!
But . . .
Knowing That
I Once Had You …
Is What Breaks My
Heart !!!


The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones.
The pain is really when u live without them
with their presence in your mind.


The Word 'Hello' means
H=How R U?
E=Everything all right?
L=Like 2 hear 4rm U.
L=Love 2 C U soon.
I miss you !
Good Morning my friend.


Never ever thought we will not be together this day.
I am really missing you very much.
The Rakhi you send is very good,
it's looking great on my wrist.
I just pray that we will be together on every Rakhi from next year.
May God bless you with lot of happiness, love and success.
Take care.
miss you ..!

P.S:If u haven't send me rakhi yet,send it immediately:p


Hindi Miss U Sms

Bun k ahsas meri dharkan k paas rehtay ho,
Tasveer ban k meri aankhon k paas rehtay ho,

Aaj poochtay hain aik sawal tumsay,
kiya door reh ker tum bhi udaas rehtay ho?

< miss you >

Duriyon ki na parwah kijiye,
dil jab bhi pukare hamain,Bula lijiye.
Hum zyada dur nahi aapse,
bas apni aankhon ko palko se mila lijiye.

Jane kis baat ki mujhko saza deta hai,
meri hasti hui ankhon ko rula deta hai.

Ek muddat se khabar bhi nahi teri,
koi is tarah bhi kya apne Pyar ko bhula deta hai.

jeene k lye dard ka samaan bohat hai,
kuch roz se apna dil pareshan bohat hai,

milte hain shabo-roz sabhi log hum se,
aik tjh se mulakat ka arman bohat hai.

Yado se judkr yad aate ho ap,
Yad aakr yad ban jate ho ap

Yaado hi yaado me hr jagah nazar aate ho ap,
Kyu yado ko b yadgar ban jate ho aap


Specially we have a collection of Miss you 2014 facebook status & Miss you 2014 facebook share. Not only facebook but due to the rise of WhatsApp we Inspirational Quotes  whatsapp status & Miss you 2014 whatsapp messages. For traditional users we have Miss you 2014 hindi sms & Miss you 2014 english messages.Miss you 2014 Messages for him-her Facebook-WhatsApp Share.Miss you 2014 Messages for him-her Facebook-WhatsApp Share.Miss you 2014 Messages for him-her Facebook-WhatsApp ShareHope you got the miss you sms you were looking for.

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